My exam is finally overrrrrrr
Anonymous asked:
I said i shouldn't because I'm supposed to be studying and you're kinda cute so.. ya lol! What is one dream you remember the most vividly?

Hmmmmmmm…… Good question… Well it had to be when I was in a Zombie Apocalypse. It basically felt like a remake of Zombieland bc I was good friends with Jessie Eisenberg lol

Anonymous asked:
you are so deep that i want to know just how deep you are

… uh

New poem.

I’m so excited because I finally started working on a new poem, and I’m really hoping to have it done by this weekend. I’m so inspired by artists like Frank Ocean and Lana Del Rey, and I’m getting so much better on word play. 

Anonymous asked:
Its college calc... do you understand my pain!! lol i shouldn't be talking to you :P but oh well so whats one thing that you regret this year?

what do you mean, you shouldn’t be talking to me? lol and i really don’t regret anything… it’s just moving on and learning honestly. 

Anonymous asked:
I have a Calculus test tomorrow at 9 and i haven't started studying at all!! I NEED HELP?! Why did Bentley have to go? :/

omg, buuhhhh-less your heart. is this college calc or high school calc?

Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb.